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Why Erectile Dysfunction
Can Be a Thing of the Past

Understanding how and why erectile dysfunction happens helps men and their partners identify triggers, ease performance anxiety, and accurately diagnose ED. Whether this information serves as a measure of prevention or helps inform of an existing condition, what may feel like a state of ED permanence can now be treated effectively.

You’re Not Alone, ED Is Common

The reasons behind male performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction are varied, with some crossover between the two conditions, which is why it can be challenging to know which is which. By taking the Erectile Dysfunction Quiz, you’ll help take the mystery out of where you’re at in the bedroom and the best next steps to get sexual desire and performance back on track.

It’s All in Your Head

Anxiety and erectile dysfunction can really mess with your head. Both of them! Sexual bravado has everything to do with physical outcome and the confidence that it brings. When diminished, for whatever reason, it plays heavy into mental psyche.

All of a sudden, that revolving negativity plays in your mind – every time the potential for sexual arousal presents itself. A few instances of that kind of downfall and personal head games are working double duty.

How Does Erectile Dysfunction Happen?

There are physical, psychological and emotional reasons that can lead to erectile dysfunction. Any of these underlying causes, when left untreated, can increase the likelihood of the recurrence of ED.

According to many doctors, unfortunately, men are reluctant to seek treatment because of the societal meaning given to having the condition. However, there are more life-altering reasons to negate seeking help.

Having bouts of erectile dysfunction doesn’t mean you or your partner is less of a man. It simply indicates that there is a medical reason behind the physical phenomenon. But the subject is difficult to acknowledge, discuss and reach resolve, especially if you are in a relationship.

Is It Me or Is It You?

Facing a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction can conjure up a variety of reactions. Many couples will handle the process proactively while others may subconsciously elect to ignore its existence. A man may get angry and lash out at his partner or throw blame for his own lack of interest and sexual inability. Unfortunately, these sentiments can be taken to heart, further eroding compatibility and compassion.

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Temporary Anxiety or Erectile Dysfunction?

There’s a lot of confusion about the subject of erectile dysfunction. Discerning if it is or isn’t ED requires a little bit of personal prodding. But don’t worry, your answers to this Erectile Dysfunction Quiz are completely confidential and for your eyes only. If you choose to share the findings with your significant other, it may help shed light on what’s going on and what you can do about it – together.

Why Take the Erectile Dysfunction Quiz

Put an end to undue stress, fear of erectile dysfunction and anxiety, by starting the Erectile Dysfunction Quiz now.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you take this assessment:

  • This quiz is meant to reveal symptomology and is not to be used as a definitive diagnostic tool
  • Always seek professional advice from a licensed medical practitioner
  • Male performance anxiety solutions may include medications
  • If medication is recommended, consider an individualized delivery system through compounding

Let’s Get Started!

The Next Steps

Now that you’ve taken a proactive step in getting a better understanding of the signs and symptoms of ED, use what you’ve learned and note any changes going forward.

Should you start to experience some of the signs of male performance anxiety, you may want to consult with your doctor and talk about your symptoms. Make sure to relax each day and remove stressors that can have an effect on you, mentally and physically.

For more details on erectile dysfunction, male performance anxiety solutions, and options for the best ED medications available, refer to our specific ED page or download our form to take to your doctor.

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